Support, consulting, technical and development services plus a proven suite of methodologies to help you advance with Clear Enterprise.

The Clear Objective Services team are intimately involved in projects from the very beginning and are here to streamline the implementation process through to ongoing support. Our internal support network will ensure you get the support you need for a perfectly running system. Together, we’ll take your business forward.

Consulting Services

Clear Objective’s service team understand the challenges of medium sized businesses and the demand to respond to rapid change. Our implementation and training consultants have many years’ experience in assisting customers in the design, configuration and use of Clear Enterprise solutions.

You can be assured of rapid and flexible delivery, with robust project disciplines and stakeholder management focus to ensure achievement of your desired outcome.

Software Development Services

Clear Objective invests heavily in the ongoing development of Clear Enterprise . We keep up to date with industry changes and are continually enhancing our software, industry solutions and our addon products to meet these challenges as well as the specific requirements of our customers.

We work closely with you to ensure our software delivers the results you want.

Our Implementation Methodology

  • Project Management

    This stage sets the project foundations, engages stakeholders, identitfies key milestones, project timelines and key people are appointed to be involved in the project to assist in managing the change.

  • Define Requirements

    Our experienced consultants work with you to plan the base business requirements and advise on the best use of the solution. This important stage of the project engages the whole team and is a catalyst for identifying changes to business processes.

  • Baseline Build

    Using data provided during requirements stage the Clear Objective consulting team rapidly set up and configure the client’s baseline instance of the system.

  • System Config & Training

    Once the system is built, data conversion commences ready for key user training and system testing by the client. Once confirmed, end user training can commence.

  • System Go Live

    After the system is confirmed and signed off, we move to Go Live where the client cuts over from their existing software and starts using the solution to run their business.

  • Support

    Changing systems is a big step for any business so Clear Objective consultants and support team are on site (or on call) to provide hands-on support to help you transition during the go live period.